3 Simple Ways To Make Your Packaging More Eye-Catching

Consumers today have more products to choose from than ever before. This means that your product must compete with many others on retail shelves. Finding simple ways to make your product’s packaging more eye-catching can be a great way to boost sales.

Here are three tips you can use the next time you redesign your packaging to ensure it captures the attention of consumers in a retail setting.

1. Make your UPC code more artistic.

Including UPC codes on your products allows you to track sales through an automated system. These bar codes can be quite boring, but they present a unique opportunity for you to add an artistic element to your product’s packaging design.

Instead of featuring the traditional bar UPC code, turn these bars into something whimsical. Having some of the bars serve as tree trunks and flower stems or changing the shape of the bar code to reflect the product you are selling can be a great way to add interest to your packaging and set your products apart from those of your competitors on retail shelves.

2. Use eco-friendly materials.

Statistics show that 53% of consumers would prefer to make purchases from a company with a strong reputation for supporting environmental health. You can take advantage of this mindset by using eco-friendly materials to help your products stand apart from those of your competitors on retail shelves.

Using recycled cardboard or plastic packaging made from recycled water bottles will make your packaging more eye-catching for consumers who value environmental health. You may even be able to cut costs by using recycled materials to package your products as well. Combining this reduction in production costs with the potential for increased sales can help your eye-catching and eco-friendly packaging increase the profitability of your company.

3. Simplify your graphic designs.

If your product’s competitors feature packaging that is adorned with complex and colorful graphic designs, then simplifying your own packaging could be a great way to catch the eye of passing consumers.

When placed on a shelf filled with packaging that is busy, the simple design will stand out. Creating eye-catching packaging using simple font and a limited color palette can help you increase sales, and it will also reduce your production costs by eliminating complicated design elements that can take a lot of ink to print.

Boosting sales by tweaking your product’s packaging can be a simple way to make your company more profitable. Try incorporating a whimsical UPC code, using recycled materials, or simplifying the design of your packaging to create a more eye-catching product in the future.

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