3 Tips For Tailoring Your Resume To A Specific Job Opening

One of the best ways to get your resume noticed when you apply for a competitive job opening is to tailor your resume to the specific job you want. Instead of sending a general resume about your work experience, you send a detailed resume that points out exactly why you are the perfect fit for that particular position. While tailoring specific resumes for each position you apply for can be time consuming, here are three ways to make it easier. 

Look For Specific Keywords

Before you adjust your resume to a particular job, make sure you know what the company needs. Print out the job listing and highlight any adjectives or specific traits the company is looking for in an applicant. Then, make sure that you mirror similar words and phrases in your resume. Often, recruiters use programs that scan resumes for specific keywords when they are deciding who to hire, and you will increase your chances of having those keywords if you mirror the job listing. 

Try A Skills-Based Resume 

While chronological resumes have their place, a skills based resume can allow you to tailor your information more specifically to the job you want. For example, you can find the skills they are seeking in the job listing and choose 3-4 of those skills that you have. List those skills on your resume. Then, support each of those skills with your work or personal history. This makes it easier for a recruiter to see that you are a good fit for the position. 

While you can still share your skills in a chronological resume, it is easier for the information to get buried under your position titles, especially if you are switching sectors and your previous work is not closely related to the work you are seeking currently. 

Get Outside Help 

If you are writing several resumes to apply for different positions, they can start to blend together. A fresh pair of eyes can help you figure out what in your resume should match the job listing and what information can make you stand out as a candidate. For this reason, you may want to hire a professional resume writing service to help you craft your job-specific resumes. 

While it can take time to create a specific resume for each job that you apply for, it is more likely that you will get an interview if your resume matches the open position closely. You may want to apply at fewer places with a more specific resume rather than send a general resume to dozens of companies. For more help or advice, check out companies like Boca Writers.