Three Qualities That Will Help Your Sale Banners Stand Out In A Good Way

If you run a store and are having banners designed to announce a sale, you know you have to make the banners stand out and not look cheap. This is not as difficult as it can sometimes seem. Think about what you’re trying to do with the banners; not only are you trying to attract attention, but you’re also trying to provide information to people who may be passing by rather quickly. These three qualities can help you reach that balance between attention and information.

Make the Information Easy to Spot

It’s tempting to make a sale banner flashy, with lots of information about what will be available. However, that can make it tough to spot pertinent information like dates and times, even if you have those bits of information front and center. Putting too much on the banner makes the viewer work harder to process which information will actually allow them to attend the sale.

On the flip side is putting too little information in an effort to reduce the visual noise. If you have a banner with the word “sale” on it and nothing else, that’s not going to really help anyone other than shoppers out purposefully looking for sales. Tell the viewer if it’s a clearance sale or one based on certain percentages off (like a half-off winter sale, for example), along with dates and times.

Keep It Flat

Some banners are meant to be installed on flagpole-like structures with the banner flapping free in the breeze like a flag. This only works if the wind is working with you. Otherwise, the banner can get tangled up and be unreadable to anyone passing by.

Stick with traditional horizontal banners that are secured at all corners. If you are in an area that doesn’t have a lot of wind, or if the banner will be protected from the weather, smaller horizontal banners that are secured at the two top corners could work.

Get It Custom-Designed

Try to avoid generic banners that offer little in the way of connection to your business. Get custom-designed banners that have colors similar to what you use in your store and on your business cards, and see if the designer you work with can incorporate decorative or humorous elements without making the banner too crowded.

Talk to sign companies about other aspects of banners that might help you get people into your store for that sale. These companies often have designers in the office who can work on designing a noticeable, classy banner.